Esteros del Ibera

Lands of unique beauty and a huge wildlife variety.

The Iberá Wetlands are a mix of swamps, stagnant lakes, lagoons and courses of water in the center and center-north of the province of Corrientes, Argentina. The word “Iberá” means “bright waters” in the Guaraní tongue. If you have the opportunity of contemplating the moon glowing on the lagoons and the marshlands in these lowlands, it is not difficult to guess why the old Indians chose such a name for this beautiful region.

Iberá is one of the most important fresh water reservoirs in the continent and the second-largest wetland in the world after Pantanal in Brazil. It is of pluvial origin, with a total area of 15,000 to 20,000 km2 (5,800 – 7,700 sq mi). The area is one of the largest natural reserves in the country, with sceneries of unique beauty and a huge wildlife variety.

Its pleasant climate, its abundance of water activities and its diverse regions which alternate to offer different options, allow rich encounters with nature in every season. This zone represents the habitat for animal and plant species, as well as countless insects and numerous butterfly varieties.

You can visit streams and lagoons by boat. There, travelers may observe howler monkeys, deer, capybaras, caymans and hundreds of birds. The attractiveness of this place lies not only in its scenery but also in the customs and traditions of its people.