Salta and Northwest

The colourful region in eternal harmony

A sunset on a multicolored hill, the uniqueness of a sky full of stars, bright and striking, the capricious shapes and variations of colors of the enormous rock formations, the great silence and living nature. All this can be found in this region of eternal harmony. Even the visitors routes follow the same natural tracks used by the ancestors of modern-day man. The attractions appear suddenly, behind a hill, at the bottom of a ravine, in a festival celebrated in a small town just around the corner.

The region includes Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca and Tucuman Provinces and it offers landscapes full of contrast for explorers to enjoy, from the high peaks to the plains, the salt flats, and the subtropical rainforests, where pre-columbian culture took root.

If there is something that calls the visitor’s attention to Northwest Argentina, it is the variety of shapes and hues, the vivid colours of the earth, its deserts, valleys and mountains, the break of dawn, the sunsets, the pureness of the air, its enormous silences, the bonhomie of its people, and the traditional fiestas, unique to the region.

The inhabitants of the Northwest are silent and hardly exuberant people. However, during the region’s typical carnivals they use beautiful clothes, and gather their traditional instruments for nine consecutive nights of music, dance, and singularly colourful processions which find their roots deep in the local folklore.