Delicious bites

Imagine a trip with incredible food, tasteful drinks and local wines, surrounded by exceptional people.

Imagine a journey with incredible food, tasteful drinks and local wines, surrounded by unique settings. Typical cuisine is a large part of what makes our culture unique. For that reason, many travelers make it a point of enjoying local foods wherever they go. We delight our visitors with unique and memorable culinary experiences, both in cities as well as rural locations.

Argentinean well known asados (barbecues) and empanadas, accompanied with their famous Malbec wines are some of the most typical meals either in the city or in the countryside. Meals are very important in the Argentineans’ daily routines. They all take time to talk with no rush among family and friends.

The coffee culture is also well extended within the large cities. People meet at European style cafes to talk for hours. They love short-strong expresso coffee accompanied with typical “medialunas” (local patisseries).

Far from Buenos Aires there are provinces, known for their outstanding landscapes, with some of the world’s finest wineries (such as Mendoza), where our travelers can visit large vineyards, different styles of architecture, great ambiance and history. The typical regional food is diverse and include Tamales (seasoned meat and maize flour steamed or baked in maize husks), Humitas (fresh corn, sautéed onions and some spices) and many other dishes, each of them unique in their own way.