Mystery Experiences

Let us surprise you!

Imagine a newlywed couple who has decided to spend their honeymoon in Buenos Aires. They take a trip to this sprawling metropolis in which the tango was born more than 150 years ago and is still blooming today. They are captivated by this sensual rhythm, which is as much a way of life as it is music and dance.

Now picture an English family passionate about football. They play it at school, watch the championship matches on TV and each of them have their own favorite team and players. They are visiting a country where football is one of the most important popular passions.

Finally, envision a group of friends who like cooking and tasting homegrown food and beverages as part of discovering the essence of a new place, what do all these travelers have in common? They want to have a meaningful journey, discovering a culture from inside.

On the other side, LAVIVA Travel is listening, getting to know our guests deeply and planning escorted experiences for them. The surprise factor is truly important to make every journey memorable. Our team understands when our travelers are ready for the next level: immerse in a new culture!

Then, LAVIVA Travel designs a magical evening for our newlyweds, in which they embrace the passion of tango with a lovely surprise at the end… They take our English family inside the trumpets, big drums and drummers, in the incredible celebration of a football match. Or even more, they can also guide our group of friends to a hidden home in the heart of a mountain village to learn how to cook native food and share an incredible dinner among locals…

We premeditate every tailor-made voyage specifically to suit your interests. We read between lines and use our expertise to put together your dream holiday. Sorry, we cannot tell you more; it is part of the mystery. However, you are invited to share the trip of your dreams and we will make it happen!