Laura Palacio

Laura is a native from Argentina: She was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the middle of the pampas, Tandil, in the province of Buenos Aires. That makes her a truly Argentinean country girl!

Laura has an extensive experience in high end customer service in both Argentina and the UK.  Thanks to her customer service expertise, together with her friendliness and proactive communication skills, she would be able to guide you from the first moment you make contact with us, through the design of your dream holiday and throughout your stay in Latin America.

Paul M. Laver

After a professional business career with British Airways and IATA, Paul is now focusing on his passion for immersive travel experiences in Argentina. Having spent more than 5 years working in Buenos Aires and nearby countries in Latin America he has good understanding of the places and experiences for you in this wonderful part of the world.

Working together with the team based both in Latin America and the UK we can create a personal tailor-made experience in Argentina and Latin America for you to enjoy.