Playing Sport

Several alternatives to experience sports in magnificent surroundings.

Argentina’s sport identity is synonymous with football, especially because of its’ world renowned figures such as Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Nevertheless, this is one Latin American country where Europeans will feel at ease.

The British brought golf to Argentina at the end of the 19th century and laid out courses around the country. Nowadays golf is a well-established sport in Argentina, having in excess of 280 courses.

Buenos Aires hosts the majority of the courses in this country, including many famous clubs used for major national and international tournaments. However, you can also practice this sport in other regions, such as the stunning surroundings of Patagonia.

Tennis is another excellent alternative sport to practice in Argentina. You are invited to come to the home of tennis in South America, played on the red clay of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Tandil.

Although British immigrants brought the sport to this country, it was not until late in the 1970s that Guillermo Vilas’ success made the sport popular, reaching second place in the 1975 ATP ranking. He was internationally recognized and was later included in the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Finally, if you want to feel a real passion you should play with a rugby or hockey team. Both sports have a long tradition in Argentina, since they have been imported many decades ago by the British and quickly adopted. Watching and training with one of these teams you will acquire new skills and trully experience the passion of playing sports in Argentina.